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So Sam and the boy eagerly ran to the castle, to implement its plan. In the kitchen at that time it was not that busy. He was going to had lunch. Cooks tried to cook their meals, prepared dishes assistants and servants were carrying already prepared food to tables. Already at that time he was in the room chaos, but when they arrived, Sam and his friend everything much worse. Things started to fly all around you. Plates, cups, cutlery, large knives, the food but also the pot again … No one did anything, just trying to hide from flying objects. Suddenly he heard a roar. It вашего was cheap NBA jerseys approaching 2006 Sam’s wholesale nfl jerseys father.

Sam energetically ran out of the kitchen, but his friend who heard the roar, constantly throwing things, and while stuffing food into his mouth. He was happy for the first time was not hungry and even a little food and maybe bring home. With all this happiness blew up one big pot. He managed to hit it just exactly the incoming Sam’s father. Pot fell on the nobleman’s head, then crashed into the ground and flew with all sides.

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